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Saturday, 30 December 2017

2018 Yearly Prediction - Meena

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Meenam (Pisces)
A year of mixed results and a major financial breakthrough in the first half of the year.  Some can see loss of close relatives leaving a huge family burden on your head.  While others who are actually on a planned life, would make the tough situation to the best with their talented acts.  Some can easily be provoked, and the person should be very calm in dealing them.  Changes in day to day life has to be accepted and moved along.  While many can foresee expenses on household activities, purchases, etc.  But lavishness should be avoided.  Friends would be of not much help this year, but very few can see mingling with society for their personal needs.  Name and Fame would reach you on right time during second half of the year.  Some who are on the lookout for promotions can see and enjoy the same.  In total Second half of the year is best in all your schedules and implementation of projects.  Those born on Purattathi natchatram should be acceptable to self mistakes and correct themselves.  Those on Uthirattathi natchatram will enjoy karma benefits and favourable results in their life.  Those born on Revathi natchatram have equal results on good and bad which cannot be justified at the right instance.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Kumbha

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Kumbham (Aquarius)

Favourable period has started for many and almost 86% people would be benefitted with this Saturn's transit last month.  Investments would be seen doubled, profits pouring in, desired input levels maintained, helping hands from established contacts, approvals from government, land purchase or sales, and what not, all are in favourable signs.  Those on business can foresee good results and sales doubled.  But do not forget your dues to your kuladevatha, which is primary and can be finished before end of the first half.  Second half of the year would be so memorable with family and friends, change of job or place to the desired one, help from society on right time, etc are seen.  In total, a year of upliftment in your life from various sources, for the troubles you faced during last year.  Promotions are on the way for some people.  Those born on Avittam natchatram can have minor surgery and as advised by physician, its best to go ahead with that.  Those born on Sathayam natchatram can foresee good results in all walks of life.  Those born on Purattathi natchatram can foresee hindrance from colleagues, entering your personal life and has to be taken care of.  Your decision should be based on the advice from the right people and at the right time.  Never be operational alone, and stay always away from disputes.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Makara

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Makaram (Capricorn)
All would have been totally worried with the predictions by others.  But rest chillaxed, this would not give much troubles for those who are genuine in life.  Karma would have its effect on the wrong goers in life.  The best to get rid of negative impacts of planets is to decide in terms of future and act from now in a phased manner.  This would not a much burden in present day living conditions.  Business people are advised to keep track on their day to day business dealings and all transactions are accounted properly.  Those on government sector, would face some transfers.  Some can even get promotions.  While those on teaching profession can be denied promotions due to some departmental litigations.  Some Capricorn born can be put into troubles by neighbours for some petty issues, which may lead to judiciary interference.  Those born on Uthradam should be very silent on their day to day moves.  Those born on Thiruvonam natchatram and on first round of 7 1/2 Saturn can find no troubles in life.  Decision making has to be put on hold for those born on Avittam natchatram.  

2018 Yearly Prediction - Dhanusu

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Dhanusu (Sagittarius)

People born on Dhanusu would face lot of hurdles, even in their day to day movements, for some way or the other, hindrance would pop up.  But those who have planned wisely would face no trouble.  Some can face financial loss due to theft or otherwise.  Some women would lose their jewellery also.  Decision on change of job or change of place can be kept under abeyance upto October, and can plan their change thereafter.  People who are on media can face lot of shufflings in their programs.  Those in government sector can get punishment transfers for they are no fault, accept and move on for your betterment.  Some who are in business can foresee drastic changes in partner's move and can find some hindrance on sales.  Speculations are to be totally avoided and investments can be diverted in purchase of fixed assets, if feasible.  Those born on Moola natchatra has to be very careful with health issues, which would lead to surgery also.  Those born on Puraadam and on first round of seven and half Saturn can foresee happiness always with no troubles.  Those on second round should think of their settlement of life, and plan wisely.  Those born on Uthradam natchatra has to wait for a right time and until then move with the impact of planets for which good results are waiting in the near future.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Vrichika

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Vrichikam (Scorpio)
Expenditure is huge this year in some way or other.  Unwanted commitments should be avoided.  Participation in family disputes has to be on control.  Never be lavish on your move.  Take care in moving with friends and society and have a thorough watch on what  you spend for others.  Some can have chances to move out of country for settlement.  Disputes would be settled in due course of time.  Investments should be on hold during first half of the year.  Second half is totally favourable with planetary transits and impacts.  Students would find easy in getting admitted to their desired course. Builders can find easy way of disposal of their buildings.  Second half of the year would be best to get married and settled in life.  Those born on Vishaka natchatra would find no hurdles in their decisions and approach.  Those who are Anuradha natchatram would find things get done easily, which were pending for the last few years without any hurdles.  Those born on Kettai natcharam has to take care of their health at tll times for they are easily affected with minor health impacts.  In total, the year would be flexible enough to decide your life and move ahead for the next three five years.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Thula

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Thula (Libra)

86% of people can foresee all time happiness during first part of the year till September.  After jupiter's transit, things would turn upside down for many.  Some who are working abroad can foresee changes in job and get settled in other places.  Many who are waiting for marriage, would see right alliance and get settled on time.  Some can face savings is doubled due to your high knowledge in business dealings and movement.  Those in work force can see troubles vanished, litigations / petitions are solved without third party interference and totally on your favour.  Always decide fast and act fast should be on priority this year.  Postponement would hamper your targets.  All time happiness in family is foresee with parents and spouse.  Many who are running their own business can see upward trend throughout the year.  But some can foresee huge investment, which would sure bring up profits, and would happen during second half of the year.  Those born on Chitra Natchatra can see all time happiness.  Those born on Swathi can see major life changing decisions and sudden profits from all sides.  Those born on Visakam natchatram can foresee things favourable till september, and the second half of the year should be dealt very carefully with your proper decisions.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Kanya

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Kanni (Virgo)
Your profit of life is decided only based on your doings.  All you do good would turn good and would be accounted in bank.  So plan, focus the area and execute without delay to save for the future.  Hindrance would crop up by some means or other, and never take up other's decision to mingle your work.  Some can be very jovial and revealing business secrets, which would be leading to troubles in later stage.  Keep your secrets and proceed along.  Family members would always love to take your advice.  Never be slow.  Decide fast and act fast.  Students would face trouble in their education.  Concentrate and proceed along.  Expenses on health for parents is foreseen.  Second half of the year would get your good results on business and savings accounted.  Some who are on media can foresee troubles or hurdles in their field to grow up.  Never be right on your stand.  Your thoughts to help siblings would be appreciated and family and you would settle them at right time.  Things would not be favourable always for you... wait for right time and proceed along.  Seek guidance from experts and fix your move.  In total, a year of mixed results is foreseen.  Those born on Uthradam can foresee all time troubles.  Those born on Hastham can foresee health issues and financial loss.  Those born on Chitra natchatram can have some troubles on health, minor surgeries / small accidents, etc, which are not to be bothered much.  

2018 Yearly Prediction - Simham

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Simham (Leo)

Not a troublesome year nor a totally favourable.  A year of mixed results with good and bad.  Good is some get promotions and salary hike for those in govt. service during second half of the year.  Bad is financial stability would be a hindrance in moving with planned strategy.  Speculations are to be totally avoided as it lead to loss of investments.  Those in family can see huge expenses for spouse and kids.  Sudden crop up of investments in education, health would be a major burden.  Some can foresee a sudden uplift of sales and profit in business.  You would fulfil your wishes on pilgrimage on time without any difficulties.  Those born on Magha natchatra can see all people would be supportive to  you during second half of the year.  Those born on Puram natchatram can foresee alliances would be knocking door at the right time, and get placed in a right company at right time as expected.  Siblings would be helpful in your major troubles.  Those born on Uthraadam natchatram should be very careful in dealing with others in terms of money and business.  Mis-understandings would crop up for petty issues.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Kataka

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Katakam (Cancer)
Sudden drifts and change of your mind would many in troubles.  While the entire year is favourable for all your deals, minimum care for self health is mandatory.  Many can see troubles vanishing in phased manner and financial stability in all walks of life.  Your approach in dealing business or in work force would be appreciated by all and can see sales increase.  Promotions are on the pipeline during first half of the year for those in work force.  Siblings would be of much help to you and your family.  Spouse would be very cooperative in all your movement and decisions.  Some would have a visit to foreign country or on short assignment during second half of the year.  In total, the year is very favourable for 83% people.  Those born on Punarpoosam would face little hurdle during second half, while those born on Pusam natchatra can enjoy the full happiness throughout the year.  Those born on Aayilyam would be troubled by others for no reason.  Your correct decision would ward off your troubles in a jiffy way, and should not give room to others to decide your life.

2018 Yearly Prediction - Midhuna

Astro forecast for the year 2018

Midhuna (Gemini)

Lucky are some who are on the pipeline for ringing wedding bells.  Some can see transit of location to abroad countries.  Your speech and action would differ at many places.  Concentrate on major target and proceed along in life.  Parental separation is seen for some people.  Kids love would be abundant. Your absent minded state would trouble at many places.  Enemies crop up unknowingly, and hence utmost care in work area should be on top priority.  Savings for many would grow up.  Property deals would get satisfactory results for many.  Second half of the year would be surely a troublesome in financial dealings and many can expect emptiness in savings.  Give and take policy should be the top most priority between the spouse as disputes always be in family life.  Care should be taken care while dealing with neighbours, which otherwise would be settled by judiciary in some cases.